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What does publishers' research show about book clubs?

All book clubs have their own ways of operating. My "personal book club" has been together nearly 25 years now. We've evolved as we've aged -- no more does the person hosting cook dinner for twelve. Instead, dessert is served and it's fine if it's store bought. But we always discuss a book that one of us picked. And lively discussion is the heart of it. This link to Publisher's Weekly shows some interesting research they've done about book clubs. Obviously, they have an interest in this topic. But you might enjoy reading about it, too! Click here.

As we continue to consider what we read with our on-going Genre Challenge, it's also of interest to consider how we read. The Library has its monthly Books for Lunch Club the second Tuesday of each month at 12:30. Come discuss what you've read -- each person talking about their own reading that month. Build a reading list from what others have been reading. And generally immerse yourself in good company and, of course, good books!

Email Roz at if you are interested in being sent a Zoom invitation -- until we get together in person again.

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