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Wickson Seed Library -
Opens March 15

Our Mission: To empower our community through sustainable agriculture, the Wickson Seed Library is dedicated to fostering a culture of seed sharing, education, and environmental stewardship. Our mission is to provide accessible and diverse seed resources, cultivate a passion for gardening, and promote the preservation of heirloom and locally adapted plant varieties. Through collaboration and community engagement, we aim to inspire individuals to become active participants in seed conservation, fostering resilience and biodiversity for future generations.

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Wickson Seed Library Partnership

The Wickson Seed Library operates through a collaboration between the Frankenmuth Wickson Library and the 4-H Patriots Club. The 4-H Patriots Club plays a crucial role in sorting, labeling, and maintaining the organization of the seed library for the benefit of our patrons. We express our gratitude to them for their dedicated hours of community service, enabling us to provide the Wickson Seed Library to the community.

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