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Frankenmuth Women’s Club

This is an exciting year for the Frankenmuth Wickson District Library as we prepare for our 50th Anniversary Celebration in June. We’ll be celebrating in countless ways throughout the year, including a monthly special feature program relating to an aspect of the library’s history.


We’re kicking off our 50th Anniversary Celebration with the Frankenmuth Women’s Club. Patrons are invited to a Frankenmuth Women’s Club Tea Party on Wednesday, January 24 from 6-7 p.m. The Women’s Club will be serving tea, crumpets, and sharing a brief history of their connection to and involvement in the creation of the Frankenmuth Wickson District Library. Patrons will also have the chance to ask questions of current members.


The upcoming tea party will be an informational event for all Frankenmuth citizens and will be especially helpful for anyone interested in joining the Women’s Club and giving back to our wonderful community.


There are currently over 100 members in the Frankenmuth Women’s Club. The Women’s Club was created by a group of 12 women in 1954 and became an official club in 1968. The primary purpose of the Frankenmuth Women’s Club is to support and develop the Frankenmuth community by assisting with projects that further education, civic development, and social improvement. 


The Frankenmuth Women’s Club began with the establishment of the community swimming pool in Memorial Park. From there, efforts extended to community beautification initiatives, including the planting of petunias along various city streets and the establishment of over 700 rose bushes in the Rose Garden at Memorial Park.


Over the course of several years, the Women's Club emerged as a pivotal force in advocating for and developing the Frankenmuth Wickson District Library. Demonstrating unparalleled dedication, club members undertook a door-to-door campaign, actively seeking additional funds to ensure the completion and furnishing of the library.


Not stopping there, the Women's Club went on to acquire a marquee for Fischer Hall, and successfully raised funds for the development of the Palmer Schaumburg Platz. Presently, ongoing fundraising initiatives persist with the goal of providing scholarships to local schools and procuring essential equipment for the Police and Fire Department.


“Anywhere you look in Frankenmuth,” says Kendra Prenzler, former president of the Frankenmuth Women’s Club, “you’ll likely see a touch of the Frankenmuth Women’s Club.”


As we embark on a series of 50th Anniversary celebrations throughout the upcoming year, we are excited to celebrate with our library patrons and broader Frankenmuth community. The past five decades have been marked by a shared passion for knowledge, a commitment to fostering a love of reading, and a dedication to serving as a community hub for our patrons. Here's to the next chapter of our collective journey, as we commemorate 50 years of shared stories, learning, and community.

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