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What about the Book Sale?

Updated: Sep 16, 2020

You already know that you can come into the library to browse books and resources, use the computers and take advantage of our printing, scanning and faxing services. What you may not have realized is that the Friends of the Library book sale is still going on in our basement.

How do we make the book sale safe to browse? Every week our Friends of the Library volunteers, equipped with gloves and masks, head down to organize all the donations that have been released from quarantine. They arrange materials so it is easy to find, eliminating any books in questionable shape.

As a book sale shopper, we ask that you make an appointment to come in, give us an estimate of how long you want to shop and we will set you up with a private shopping experience. When you arrive you must wear a mask, clean your hands at the door, then proceed to the basement for your shopping time slot. You can bring a friend, but no one under 5 years old unless they are buckled up in a stroller.

Considering the limitations we need to put in place to prevent COVID spread, sales and donations have been pretty consistent. There is nothing better than a great deal on books and we have lots, starting at 50 cents and up! Call us to set up an appointment to

shop and support your local library!

Some recently added titles in our book sale!

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