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Tis the Season to Read

Perhaps you’ve seen it as you’ve driven by: the latest message on the sign outside of the library says,“’Tis the Season to Read.” And I couldn’t agree more.


The winter months, more than any other time of year, provide us with the perfect opportunity to read. As the days grow shorter and darkness descends earlier, an invitation to drop into a deep relaxation presents itself. For most of nature, this quelling is referred to as hibernation. For us humans who tend to have a harder time slowing down, despite the season’s insistence, it might be as simple as picking up a good book and sitting down to read.


After the kids are in bed, I snuggle up with a cup of tea, my favorite blanket, and I read. Right now, I’m reading the upcoming Wickson Reads Book Club pick: Greenglass House by Kate Milford.


My evening reading routine is one of my favorite parts of the day, especially when I’m in the middle of a good book. But it’s not just a pastime. In December, when the chaos of the holiday season ramps up, reading is a form of self-care, a way to retreat into the world of imagination, a way to escape the cold, and a way to fill the dark evenings with brightness.


The Frankenmuth Wickson District Library’s holiday book display is back with a haven of holiday-inspired tales, movies, and puzzles. The book display is brimming with a curated collection of Christmas and holiday favorites from timeless classics such as A Christmas Carol by Charles Dickens to quintessential contemporary favorites like In a Holidaze by Christina Lauren. No matter what your preferred genre, the selection is sure to spark your holiday spirit.


As the world outside transforms into a winter wonderland, the act of reading becomes a bridge between reality and the fantastical. The characters in these stories come alive, inviting us to embark on journeys that transcend time and place. In the presence of a captivating book, the holiday season unfolds in countless ways, filling the mind with the warmth of joy, and the magic that can only be found within the pages of a well-loved story.


We hope to see you at the library soon! Until then, happy reading!


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