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Reading without leaving your home

Now more than ever ebooks and audio downloads make sense. You can purchase these from places like Amazon and Audible, but did you know that the library has it's own collection and you can get them for FREE? This is what you need for access:

1. A Library card: call us Monday-Friday 9-3 and we will set you up with a library card over the phone. Frankenmuth tax payers and students who attend both the public and private schools are eligible to get a patron card which will give you access to all of our digital collection

2. A Password: call us during our new hours and we can easily set one up for your new or existing card.

3. Download the Libby App (Android and Apple devices) or the Overdrive App (Kindle Devices). Follow the set up procedure, selecting the Frankenmuth Library (White Pine Cooperative) as you default library.

4. Start searching for books. Follow the steps to check out the books on your device. Books are checked out for two week and disappear automatically when due, unless you are able to renew them (give them your email address and they will send you that option). No fines, no late fees!

5 Hints: These downloads are similar to a book where only one person at a time can check them out at once. To avoid the frustration of being on hold for a book, use the advanced search option and choose the Availabilty drop down "available now" it will show you only the available content. You can also fine tune your search according to subject, author and title and age level. We have books for kid and adults so don't forget the rest of your family. You can check up to 5 at once on one account!

For some of us, this isolation period is going to challenge us try new things. Maybe it's your time to try ebooks and audio downloads!

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