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Like "a bookclub in your ears," Podcasts help build reading lists.

Today we're going to add two book podcasts that many of you might enjoy listening to. A podcast is like a radio show that you can access anytime and anywhere you have a device. Many love to listen to them in the car or while doing other activities -- anything from knitting to running. Podcasts exist that cater to almost anyone's niche, many focusing on book discussions and reviews. Here are two popular ones. Welcome to the wonderful world of book podcasts.


What Should I Read Next is a weekly blog about books featuring authors in conversation with Anne Bogel. This is an easy to listen to podcast professionally done and features contemporary popular books, normally recent publications. Click this link and you're there and can select from dozens of podcasts from the newest to older ones. This podcast is free but has ads, a small price to pay (and you can actually fast forward through them if they annoy you enough). Episodes are more or less 50 minutes long. You'll find that podcasts all have their idiosyncrasies. Just take a little time to explore the podcast site, and you'll be a listening pro in no time. Bogel is an engaging and smart reader who manages to sit down with some wonderful writers and other readers to discuss popular books.


The second podcast for the day is by the New York Public Library, called The Librarian Is In. The most recent addition is a September 10 discussion of Agatha Christie's famous mystery, "And Then There Were None." I don't think it's an accident that they are discussing this just as Ruth Ware has published her newest book, loosely based on Christie's, called "One by One." Of course, we have the new Ware book -- and you might love pairing it with Agatha Christie's book to see what you think. Here's the link to The Librarian Is In podcast. You'll find the Christie discussion quickly using this link. This site posts new episodes every two weeks, each around one hour long.

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