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It's time to return those books....

It's been a long 4 months since the library was forced to close it's doors due to the COVID-19 virus spread. We've had a fun but challenging month navigating library services in the time of a pandemic. Now that we are caught up, we want to announce that it is time to dust the books off that you checked out before the closing and get them back into the library building. Book fines assessed from March 1 through July 31st will be forgiven, but time is running out! After August 1st fines will begin again. It can be a difficult job to get overdue books back so sharing our procedures might be helpful:

1. Staff runs overdue reports and checks the library shelves in case they were missed during check-in.

2. Friendly staff makes phone calls to remind patrons to return their overdue books

3. Staff sends up to four emails and/or letters to remind patrons to return their overdue books

4. If there is no response to the above efforts, patrons account is blocked, missing books are reordered and patron is charged for books not returned.

We make it easy for you to return a book as our drop box is open 24/7. You may return both our books and Mel books, dvd's and other items that fit in the slot. Much larger material should be returned by appointment during business hours.

We were excited to see your masked faces this month as we invite you into the library by appointment to browse our shelves, read the newspaper, pick up summer reading material, visit our book sale or use the computers and printing services. Please continue to call or email us with your library needs. When you visit the library we require a few new things:

  1. Wear a mask. If you do not have one, we can provide one for you. State law and library policy requires masks in the library.

  2. Use our hand sanitizer before touching books or library material.

  3. Small children accompanying parents should be in a stroller to keep them from wandering or playing in the library.

Keeping a clean, safe environment takes a lot of effort and planning so we appreciate your cooperation. As we continue to assess safety measures, we will inform you of changes in services, including the movement into another phase of reopening. Thank you for your patience and understanding.

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