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How to Play Mah Jongg at Home

Our community of Mah Jongg players isn’t meeting in person at the moment. But here are instructions for on-line play that replicates the real game well and even offers tutoring if you are a beginner. Here’s what you do:

1. Go to the site This is a website and not an app. Create an account for yourself. This is free to do and it also allows you normally to play four free games a day, But during the current crisis, the developer is allowing anyone to play up to eight free games a day.

2. You need your card. It is not reproduced on-line. Right at the time this is posted, you need your 2019 card. We hope soon that you can then switch to the 2020 card when those arrive. (Those of you who ordered your card from Roz – we’ll figure out how to get those to you.)

3. If you have friends who want to play together, click on Start a Table. That takes you to a menu of choices. Check to make it a Private table. You’ll find a Code once you click to start the game on a menu bar to the far right. Text or otherwise get the code to the other people you want to play with.

4. They will join the table. (Obviously you need to coordinate a time. This is a real time game.) If you have fewer than four, click to add Computer Players (i.e. bots). The bots know what they’re doing, by the way.

5. Then simply play the game. This isn’t a learner game if you’ve never played, but if you checked Use Tutor for your table, it will offer help. Learn to read the prompts as they appear. Shortly, you’ll be good at this and having fun. It will keep track of your score and all the scores at the table.

6. To play when you don’t have some real friends to play with, just click Let’s Play at the beginning and it will put you in with three bots and you’re off and running.

7. Questions: E-mail Roz at

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