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Homebound Delivery Service: We’ll bring the library to you!

“It’s like how the mailman used to knock on the door to deliver the mail. It’s the point of contact with the customer that’s special. The library comes and knocks on the door.”

This is Marianne Doyle, one of our Frankenmuth Wickson District Library patrons and former Friend of the Library. She has been using the library’s homebound delivery service since it first began operating in collaboration with Independence Village (known today as Winter Village) some seven years ago. While she no longer lives there, she continues to use the homebound delivery service on a regular basis.

The library’s homebound delivery service is available to individuals who are residents within our district boundaries and cannot physically come to the library. Whether patrons are temporarily homebound due to an illness, surgery, childbirth, or accident, or permanently homebound due to disability, age, or other mobility issues, the library is eager to come to you!

Homebound patrons can borrow books, DVDs, magazines, audiobooks, or any other circulating library items. Patrons may call or email the library to request specific titles and items, or they may request a staff member select materials based on the patron’s reading or viewing preference as specified on the homebound delivery application.

For Marianne, audiobooks are an immersive, all-encompassing experience. She often checks out four at a time. “I had to give up the printed word in 1994 because I couldn’t see anymore. I can shut off everything in my head and listen to an audio tape. I am completely in that story. I become the main person. I just enjoy it.”

All items are delivered to your door in a waterproof bag with a Frankenmuth Wickson District Library logo or tag. If necessary, materials may be renewed by phone or on the library’s website. When you’re ready to return the items, all materials should be placed in the bag in which the materials were delivered and readied for pickup by a library staff member.

Marianne prefers to call the library directly. She tells the staff she’s finished with her books and that she is ready for more. “They bring it right to my door,” she shared. “Often on that same day!”

Frankenmuth Wickson District Library’s homebound delivery service has been life-changing for patrons like Marianne. It is a wonderful way to stay connected to the library while enjoying a variety of its offerings from the comfort of your home.

For more information on this service or to schedule a homebound delivery, please call the library at (989) 652-8323 or head to our website to fill out a homebound delivery service application. The application can be found at or by clicking the “Services” tab and selecting “Homebound Delivery” on the drop-down menu. We are honored to bring this special service to you.

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