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Frequently asked questions plus information about the Wishing Tree

This past week, I sat down with Library Director Pamela Williams and discussed a number of Frequently Asked Questions that I’ve been asked lately about library programs and operations.

The first question has to do with a city initiative that the library is supporting, so my consultants were both Pam and Mayor Mary Anne. The question is What is the Wishing Tree in the library? The tree with tags on it in the library is supporting the Frankenmuth Heart and Soul and Youth Advisory Council project. We have until May 15 to make our wishes known for the community. The city’s tree – think of that one as Wishing Tree Central -- sits right by the Spray Park at 624 E. Tuscola. Wishes must be written on a city designated tag, available at city hall or at the library. The library will hand over all tags on its tree to the project.

If you want to participate virtually, please enter this link in your browser: You will get even more information and the opportunity to send your wish via computer. Any way you decide to participate, your voice is appreciated and heard. Remember, suggestions are encouraged with the idea of making Frankenmuth an even better community for all of us. As Pam says, wish expansively.

When can we play Mah Jongg at the library again (as well as other library activities)? Pam’s explanation shows how complicated it is for a public facility to figure out from one week to the next what we can do. The short answer to this one is it’s going to be a while before we are back in the library playing games that require sitting hours in close proximity to several other people.

The library is permitted to have only X-Number of people inside at any given time who must be able to maintain a six-foot distance. Currently, librarians are required to sanitize all returned books and materials. The room designated for book sanitizing is the Community Room. So, we lose that large space for other activities at the moment.

The library follows both the Michigan Department of Health and Human Services (MDHSS) as well as its Saginaw County counterpart (SCDHHS) mandates. Things change and so does the library. Everyone is being nimble. Stay positive. We are doing a lot more than we could a year ago. As vaccinations increase and community spread decreases, we hope that the process of getting back to normal will continue to pick up speed.

How can I request books? So many ways. If you are computer comfortable, check for the status of a book on our website at – the top right hand home page lets you search for materials. You can request a hold be put on a book for you to pick up or get on the wait list. You can call. You can stop in. You can check whether the book is available at another library to mail to us. And you can request that the library put a book on its purchase list. Don’t suffer in silence. We can get you books.

Why do I need a new library card? You’ll hear much more about this but for now, stop in and get your new library card. And yes, you can pick up cards for others in your household, no problem. But at the end of the month, we will be changing the catalogue system to one that requires a longer number for each card than ours have had. So, new numbers, new card.

Of course, you can ask questions anytime. It is a commonly known fact that no one is more helpful than a librarian.

See you at the Library!

(By Roz Weedman. Published in the Frankenmuth News on May 5, 2021.)


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