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Bag Book Sale

In 1974 the Frankenmuth Wickson District Library’s first used book sale netted $704.13 for the library fund. Nearly 50 years later, the used book sale continues to support the library and its diverse programming by generating roughly $3,500 - $5,000 of funding each year.

Kathleen Bauer, Friend of the Library, recalls using a portion of the book sale funds to buy the library its very first fax machine. Since then, the library has used funds from the book sale to sponsor summer reading programs, fund various library renovations, and buy new furniture for the library.

The used book sale is a project of the Friends of the Library. The sale is twofold: 1) patrons are welcome to donate any books they no longer want or need to the library, and 2) they can buy used books, sending all the funds directly back into the library. It’s the perfect recycle and reuse relationship. While the used book sale continues to operate in the basement of the library year-round, the Friends of the Library Bag Book Sale only happens two times per year, once during Deer Widows Weekend in November, and once during Frankenmuth’s Community Sale Fest in May.

This year, the Friends of the Library are hosting their Bag Sale from May 15-20, 2023. Patrons are invited to fill a plastic bag of books for $3 and a brown bag for $5. The sale will operate during regular library hours in the permanent book sale area downstairs. Once patrons have selected their books and filled up their bags, they can check out with the help of the library staff at the circulation desk on the main floor. All sales are cash only, please.

Participating in the used book sale is a great way to help the Friends of the Library clean out their collection and make room for new material on the shelves. Last year, one woman was delighted to fit 32 books in her brown bag for just $5!

The used book sale has received a handful of generous donations this past month and now has an even greater selection of quality adult and children's books available for purchase. When books are donated to the sale, the library selects any books they might want to add to their collection. After that, the books go directly to the used book sale, or, if they are in less-than-ideal condition, they go to the Free Books Shelf by the entryway. Any excess of books is then donated.

Some used book donations are to one-time recipients while others are ongoing. In the past, the Friends of the Library have donated to The Underground Railroad, the VA, the McNally House, dozens of Little Free Libraries, the R.E.A.D. program, and the Lutheran Home. They’ve even helped restock a neighboring library after a fire. Most recently, the Friends of the Library donated six boxes of books to an overseas mission in Africa. We are grateful to the Friends of the Library for their dedication and service in sustaining the used book sale for the past 49 years—an incredible gift to our community and library. We hope to see you at the upcoming Bag Sale. There are thousands of stories waiting to be discovered!

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