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A Season of Change at the Frankenmuth Library

German novelist Hermann Hesse once said, “Some of us think holding on makes us strong, but sometimes it is letting go.” Nothing demonstrates this quite like fall, when the leaves show us how beautiful change can be. Here at the library, we embark on our own journey of letting go,

as members from the Library Board of Directors retire and are replaced, and as we prepare to bid farewell to our beloved Library Director, Pam Williams.

The Library Board of Directors welcomed two new members this month. Marty Mattlin is

replacing Dan Wortman after 14 years of service and 4 years as President. Adele Martin is

replacing Sharon Block after 8 years of service and 4 years as Secretary. Director Pam Williams offers this in response: “We are grateful for Dan and Sharon and the service they provided to the community. Marty and Adele were both appointed by the School District and bring a wealth of experience and knowledge in hiring practices, education, and management. We will lean into their skills as we work through our strategic plan goals of examining policy and procedures. We feel fortunate that both were willing and eager to serve on the library board.”

In other library news, Pam Williams has accepted the position of Library Director in Elk Rapids, Michigan, and will be leaving us in October. As Pam prepares to embark on her upcoming journey, the board is actively working to hire a new Frankenmuth Library Director.

Pam has served as Director of the Frankenmuth Wickson District Library for just over 4 years. She previously spent a total of 9 years working as the Youth Services Director and Early Literacy Specialist.

As Library Director, Pam was tasked with the important job of serving the community. She

loved connecting with people and organizations that were like-minded in making Frankenmuth a great place to live. Every morning she walked through the library doors excited to see what problem-solving challenge might come her way, and she made the library a better place because of it.

During the early stages of the Covid-19 pandemic, the library was used as a drop off and pick up location for masks and materials to make masks. “It showed me that libraries are flexible and that they are truly owned by the community, to be used to serve the community, no matter how unconventional,” says Pam.

Some of Pam’s proudest moments during her time at the Frankenmuth Library were navigating the many Covid-19 protocols, installing the upstairs collaboration rooms, and encouraging a friendly, welcoming environment at the library.

While Pam reflects on her time as Frankenmuth Library Director and prepares to serve as

Library Director in Elk Rapids, she leaves her community with a few parting words: “We have

spent 25 years raising our family in this magical town. I appreciate my 13 years at the library,

working with an incredible staff and getting to know the people who make Frankenmuth so

special. Sometimes change is necessary for growth, so know that while my growth will happen in Elk Rapids, the Frankenmuth Library will grow under new leadership with the same goals of meeting the needs of the community for years to come. I know the community will welcome the new director as warmly as they welcomed me and my family!”

The Library Board of Directors and the Friends of the Library invite you to come celebrate Pam Williams at a Farewell Reception Open House on Tuesday, October 4 th from 3:30-6:30pm. Kids are welcome to come right from school. Refreshments will be available throughout. The event will take place on the main floor of the library, which will be closing at 5pm that day so that all staff can fully participate in the farewell. At 5:15pm there will be a formal recognition of Pam’s service.

Change is inevitable; rather than resist it, we must embrace it, welcome it, and celebrate it.

May the trees remind us of this all season long: change can be beautiful, and so can letting go. May we support our friends and colleagues wherever life takes them. Farewell, Pam. We are deeply grateful for the many ways you’ve served and blessed our community. We wish you all the best!

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