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09.16.2020 What's new in Sept. 2020
09.09.2020 Library receives grant to provide Reading Booster Kits

09.02.2020 The Library can literally make us happier if we will let it

08.26.2020 Books for Lunch Bunch one thing leads to another

08.19.2020 What services does the library offer right now

08.12.2020  What's new in August 2020

08.05.2020 Ideas to finish your summer reading card fast

07.29.2020 2020 Michigan Notable Books author videos

07.22.2020 What your friends and neighbors have been reading

07.15.2020 Quiz A Bakers dozen matching questions

07.08.2020 Memoirs and an author visit

07.01.2020 What's new in July 2020

06.24.2020 Extended hours during Stage 2 plus Books for Lunch Bunch recommendations

06.15.2020 What's your summer reading strategy

06.10.2020 Four stages of library opening set to begin

06.03.2020 New resources on current issues

Spring/Summer Newsletter 2020

05.27.2020 Book and library podcasts that will entertain and inform

05.20.2020 The Books for Lunch Bunch Zooms in May

05.13.2020 Some of the best series by genre.

05.06.2020 Readers like surprises

04.29.2020 Gone to the dogs

04.22.2020 Keeping it simple

04.16.2020 Free audiobooks have arrived that we can download from home

04.08.2020  Let's look at Libby

04.01.2020 Accentuate the positive

03.25.2020 New content on Library website

03.18.2020 Temporary public closing with limited services

03.11.2020 What's new in March 2020

03.04.2020 Regular programming for adults is booming

02.26.2020 Elements of the best non-fiction

02.19.2020 The Library has both the books and the movies

02.12.2020 What's new in Feb. 2020.docx

02.06.2020 Time to say goodbye to the drop box

01.27.2020 What are the best books 2000 - 2019

01.22.2020 The tricky art of giving books column

01.15.2020 Upcoming events galore column

01.08.2020 Bookworm problems quiz column

01.01.2020 What's new in Jan 2020


12.25.2019 What are your neighbors reading

12.18.2019 Top six list of most inspiring books in the past year

12.11.2019 Sample tutorial for using a device to download magazines and books

12.04.2019 What's new Dec 2019 Christmas books

Fall/Winter Newsletter 2019-2020

11.27.2019 Thanksgiving column 2019

11.20.2019 Books for Lunch invitation and recommendations

11.13.2019 Best memoirs in the past year

11.06.2019 What is new in November 2019

10.30.2019 Library Policies part 3

10.23.2019 Audiobooks can help us read better

10.16.2019 Creep Ourselves Out Time Is Here

10.09.2019 Short on reading time

10.02.2019 What's new in Oct 2019

9.25.2019 Self help for anything column

9.18.2019 Read and watch

09.11.2019 Fall adult activities at the Library

9.04.2019 What's new in September 2019

8.28.2019 Free resources to download

8.21.2019 Books for Lunch Bunch recommendation

08.14.2019 What kind of reader are you Part 2

08.07.2019 What's new in August 2019

07.30.2019 What kind of reader are you

07.24.2019 Outdoor features at the library

07.17.2019 Library policies

07.10.2019 What's new for July 2019

07.01.2019 What's New with MeL

06.26.2019 Musings on what tweens read

06.19.2019 Beach reads for summer 2019

06.12.2019 Eight reasons to participate in Summer Reading Bingo

06.05.2019 What's new in June 2019


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